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For the Love of Oceans

In conversation with: Brinkley Davies They say to follow your heart, which in Brinkley Davies’ case has led her to big things – the oceans, for one. A marine biologist and environmental conservationist, Brinkley devotes her days to making the earth a healthier place through her foundation Balu Blue and her everyday eco-friendly habits. Our kinda girl. Read our interview and get inspired below. Tell us about growing up near the ocean. I was lucky enough to grow up in coastal South Australia with endless empty beaches, so much marine life and perfect waves with my friends and family. Growing up near the ocean was something that inspired me on many levels – it was my playground as a kid, as...

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Leather is a living and natural material. A well-treated leather can become even more beautiful and unique over time. To extend your product's life, we advise you to waterproof it with a product adapted to your bag's leather (see below). Prolonged exposure to a strong light source (sun or artificial light) may alter the color of the leather over time. That's we advise you to put your product in its dustbag when you are not using it. For better results, we also recommend that you stuff your bag with paper so that it keeps its original shape. Close zips and avoid damp areas. SUEDE LEATHER Product example : La Double Pochette Olive Suede is a delicate leather because its surface has...

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Choosing a ruffled swimsuit for the beach By Gellia Liakataly From Dessus-Dessous

Choosing a ruffled swimsuit for the beach  By Gellia Liakataly   From   Dessus-Dessous   Which chest sizes can wear a ruffled swimsuit? Every woman asks herself the same question: which swimsuit to choose to feel comfortable, enhance her feminine curves and flatter her silhouette? The major swimwear brands offer options for all body types. The ruffled swimsuit does not mold the body like shapewear. With its frills, it adds the impression of volume. In this way, a swimsuit top whose cups are adorned with a flounce will highlight a small chest. On the other hand, a bandeau swim top with ruffles can draw a glamorous square neckline. Combined with a high-waist swim bottom, it will perfectly suit voluptuous women for a retro chic look. Likewise, a ruffled swim...

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